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African Scam

There is a scammer out there who is scamming women in Africa (South Africa and Tanaznia to name two). They have copied our logo, but are in no way related to us. The entire thing is a scam and goes like this:

You met someone on the internet (Instagram and what’s app) that really likes you and is going to send you a package. He sends you an iPhone, some perfumes and an envelope which contains money but was not declared. The package is now stuck at customs and you need to pay money to a company named Atlantic Logistics to release it, because the money was not declared.

There is no package, the whole thing is a scam. Do not send money. The guy is a scumbag preying on women. If you can, please try to report the abuse of the accounts and the scam to the apps you were using (Instagram or whatsapp, Gmail, however he was contacting you), perhaps they can get him shut down. Please make the effort to stop this guy so that others will be protected. We have nothing to do with the fictitious Atlantic Logistics.

Fake BOL