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  • Goodyear Names Christopher Helsel Chief Technology Officer
    The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. named Christopher Helsel chief technology officer, effective Sept. 1, amid rapid and profound changes in the industry, according to the company.
  • Terminal Link Texas to Build Container Yard at Port Houston
    Ground was broken Aug. 15 for a yard for empty containers inside the Bayport Container Terminal as part of a new public-private partnership at Port Houston.
  • Net Neutrality Threatened
    Your competitor may soon be able to pay to have its website download faster than yours if a Federal Communications Commission proposal becomes law.
  • ELDs: A New Era in Trucking
    The Dec. 18 implementation date for the federal electronic logging device mandate will mark the beginning of a new era in trucking. Electronic logs are nothing new, of course — many fleets have been using them voluntarily for years or even decades. But moving nearly the entire longhaul trucking business onto ELDs will enhance adherence to driver hours-of-service limits across the industry and put all carriers on equal footing.
  • Taming the Paper Chase
    New developments in document management technology are transforming fleets’ back offices by eliminating manual processes, connecting systems and speeding workflows. Users say even small investments to automate a single process can save thousands of dollars annually. Key to success is identifying the bottlenecks that cause the most pain and automating them.
  • Maven Introduces ELD, Fleet Management System
    Maven Machines, provider of the Maven Co-Pilot headset for driver safety, has launched its own electronic logging device and has ex­panded its product line into a full fleet management system.
  • ELD Suppliers Offer Various Pricing Models, Levels of Service
    The cost of an electronic logging device is difrficult to gauge, partly because vendors use different pricing models.
  • Training Can Ease Transition to ELDs
    It may be impossible for fleets to entirely avoid upheaval as they make the move to ELD compliance, but the right planning and training can make a world of difference, technology suppliers said.
  • ELDs: Now or Later?
    While first-time adopters will need to install ELDs in their trucks by Dec. 18, fleets using e-log systems categorized as auto­matic onboard recording devices, or ­AOBRDs, get a two-year extension. But if you can wait, why change now?
  • New ELD Vendors Flood Market as Mandate Nears
    A growing number of technology vendors have been flooding the market with new electronic logging device products in advance of the federal ELD mandate that takes effect Dec. 18.
  • Dawn of the ELD Era
    The arrival of the electronic logging device mandate later this year is widely expected to create significant ripple effects across the supply chain.
  • TMAF Mascot’s Name to Be Announced Aug. 26
    The Trucking Moves America Forward mascot will be revealed Aug. 26 at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.
  • FHWA Warns Eclipse Could Be Driver Distraction
    The Federal Highway Administration warned that the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 could be a driver distraction.
  • Some Gas With That Sandwich? Convenience Dominates Fuel Market
    Motorists who once scoured American roadways for Exxon’s tiger or Texaco’s star now search for Buc-ee’s beaver or Wawa’s Canada goose. And millennials value the quality of food in their gas stations just as much as the price at the pump.
  • EPA Will Revisit Phase 2 Trailer, Glider Rules
    In a move to respond to concerns by the trailer and glider industry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it plans to “revisit” its Phase 2 provisions on greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency for medium- and heavy-duty engines.
  • International Backs New A26 Engine with Financial Incentives
    International Truck introduced a reimbursement guarantee program for its new A26 12.4-liter engine for over-the-road trucks to underscore its confidence in the A26’s durability and reliability.
  • Love’s Adds Oil Change Service
    Oil changes for diesel engines now are available at 130 Love's Truck Tire Care locations as the network continues to add services for professional drivers.
  • Worldwide Equipment Expands Services for Kenworth Customers
    Truck dealership Worldwide Equipment Inc. has expanded and relocated operations to enhance sales, parts availability and service for customers operating Kenworth Truck Co. vehicles in the coal-producing region of Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.
  • Ban on Toxic Acid May Test Californians’ Thirst for Cheap Fuel
    Californians are used to paying more for gasoline, but that may be tested soon if a pair of Los Angeles-area refineries are forced to stop their use of a toxic chemical
  • With California’s New Gas Tax Approved, Caltrans Is on a Hiring Spree as Construction Work Ramps Up
    Vallejo native Chris Haynes had just finished high school when he signed up to work for the California Conservation Corps, a job that took him down back roads across the state. But wherever he went, he saw Caltrans workers too.

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