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  • Nebraska Grand Champion Tim Dean Has Been Down This Road Before
    Nebraska 2018 Grand Champion Tim Dean has won eight state championships, placed second at the National Truck Driving Championship in 2009 and served as a member of the 2009-2010 America’s Road Team. To say he is experienced is an understatement.
  • DTNA to Recall 18,105 Freightliner Cascadias
    Daimler Trucks North America is recalling 18,105 of its 2018-19 Freightliner Cascadia models due to an issue with its brake caliper mounting bolts.
  • The Low-Rolling-Resistance Trade-Off
    The technology behind low-rolling-resistance tires is based on the benefit of reducing the resistance that’s caused by tires rolling on the surface of a roadway. Reducing this resistance means that the truck requires less energy and fuel, and as a result, runs more efficiently, industry experts said.
  • Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill Pushes Back on Privatizing Postal Service
    Restructuring the federal government to make it more efficient and accountable is an idea Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill says she can get behind.
  • New Jersey Warehouse Guard Foils July 4 Robbery
    A warehouse security guard in New Jersey who was overpowered by gun-toting thieves July 4 was able to free himself and contact the police to help foil a robbery attempt, according to police reports.
  • Wabco Operating Income Climbs 35% in 2Q
    Commercial vehicle supplier Wabco Holdings reported second-quarter operating income of $146.5 million, up 35% from $108.4 million in the same period a year ago. Earnings per share rose to $1.95, up 21% from $1.61.
  • Freight Trains Get Go-Ahead to Travel Closer to Light Rail Line in Minneapolis
    A major roadblock in Minneapolis involving how its Southwest light rail and freight trains operate close to one another has been resolved, freeing local transit planners to apply for nearly $1 billion in federal funds to help pay for the project.
  • Great Lakes Shipping Supports 237,00 Jobs, Study Finds
    A new study found that Great Lakes shipping to ports such as the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor and the Port of Chicago on the South Sides pumps $25.6 billion into the economy and supports 237,000 jobs, including 147,500 in the Midwest.
  • Mnuchin Shift to Trade Warrior Makes Him Likely G-20 Target
    The U.S. Treasury Department has gone from economic diplomats to trade warriors, a shift that leaves Secretary Steven Mnuchin once again exposed to broadsides from global counterparts as tensions grow ahead of a multilateral summit.
  • Fleet Executives Offer Insights To Improve Truck Spec’ing Process
    Truck spec’ing will continue to evolve, but a couple of fleet executives had some suggestions for truck makers on ways to improve the process.
  • Mack Trucks, Lytx Expand Video Telematics Deal
    Mack Trucks grew its relationship with video telematics firm Lytx Inc., offering a pre-wire option of its DriveCam and Video Services technology to buyers of Mack Granite Class 8 vehicles.
  • Today’s Truck Spec’ing
    Given the complexity of today’s trucks, it may be natural for the uninitiated to assume that spec’ing a truck well has become more difficult. But, the opposite is the case, industry executives said.
  • Electrical Skills Are Critical
    As an ever-increasing array of devices, motive power systems and technologies asserts itself into the trucking industry, cutting-edge electrical knowledge and skills will be absolute necessities for technicians to keep fleet equipment operating at peak efficiency.
  • The Complexities of Truck Collision Repair
    Heavy-duty collision repair is becoming increasingly complex due to a variety of factors, including the conversion from steel to aluminum bodies, the changing componentry and design of trucks and the proliferation of onboard sensors.
  • Class 8 Commercial Rigs Should Do Away With Mirrors
    It’s time that Class 8 commercial trucks deployed high-tech cameras instead of the assortment of mirrors — rearview, down view and blind spot — found on today’s tractors.
  • Pilot Freight Buys Manna, Expands Furniture Delivery
    Pilot Freight Services acquired Manna Freight Systems to expand its final-mile delivery and installation services of furniture and appliances. Terms of the deal were not released.
  • OEMs Mixed on Turbo Compounding
    Volvo Trucks North America says its D13TC engine’s turbo compounding unit will add 50 horsepower through waste heat recovery and will improve fuel efficiency by 7.5%. The com­pany believes the technology could reach the same level of market acceptance as its automated transmissions. But not every manufacturer believes turbo compounding is the best way to improve fuel efficiency.
  • DHL Express Buys 14 Boeing Freight Planes
    DHL Express ordered 14 Boeing 777 Freighters with options and purchase rights for another seven aircraft. The first four of the planes will be delivered by year-end 2019.
  • Taking a Look at Turbo Compounding
    Much is being said and written about the role electric power will someday play in moving Class 8 vehicles down the road, but for the foreseeable future most trucks still will be powered by good old-fashioned internal combustion engines. And there is plenty going on to advance the technology that powers those engines.
  • Regular Realignment Is a Savings, Not a Cost
    Tire wear often is blamed on a number of things, and many times, on the brand of the tire. But aggressive tire wear is a symptom that something else is wrong with a truck.

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