Director of Financial Operations

Larry Martin

Larry is the Director of Financial Operations and joined Atlantic Logistics in November 2014 in order to enjoy adult company as was spending too much time talking to the dog while the kids were in school.

He retired from the US Navy having served 21 years in a wide range of operational and staff assignments such as; airborne reconnaissance, information operations, political-military affairs, and manpower.  He took advantage of the GI Bill to take accounting related courses at FSCJ, as well as attending Northwestern University, Central Michigan University, and the Naval War College.  Having just enough accounting knowledge to be dangerous, Larry oversees financial and HR operations.  Fortunately, a small, but very competent staff manages to overcome his deficiencies and handle day to day affairs.

Larry and his most wonderful wife Katharine have been married for over 30 years. Outside of work he enjoys traveling, kayaking, and keeping up with personal finance and technology.

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