The United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron "Thunderbirds" perform the flyover for the Daytona 500 Feb. 17, 2019.

Atlantic Logistics supports The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds at the 62nd Daytona 500!  


Atlantic Logistics was asked to help support the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds for their upcoming performance at the 62nd annual Daytona 500! For the past decade, “America’s Ambassadors in Blue” have showcased their world-class aerial precision during the pre-race ceremonies at “The Great American Race.” Their annual performance has become a part of one of our country’s proud traditions.

As part of the vital “behind the scenes” logistics network, the U.S. Air Force tasked Atlantic Logistics Inc to move a forklift to help load and unload air freight belonging to the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron.

With this specific challenge, we turned to one of our best and most trusted carriers, Steve Spurigo Trucking. Steve is a proud Navy Veteran and represents us with the utmost professionalism. He is often sought out by our military customers for his attention to detail, adaptability, and endless work ethic.

Upon hearing that the load was high visibility and critical to the upcoming event, Steve immediately accepted the mission. Staying true to his reputation, Steve arrived and offered his skill set as a driver to drive the forklift onto his trailer with base personnel providing ground guidance.

The loading process was absolutely seamless, and a delay free delivery made for a successful mission. He has received praises from the U.S. Air Force stating, “ Thank you, your driver did an outstanding job!”

Steve Spurigo Trucking is one of the many outstanding carriers that help us provide the stellar customer service that sets us apart. He has truly been instrumental in helping us build lasting relationships with our customers and beyond.

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