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Atlantic Logistics is your trusted source for reefers of all sizes. We are connected to thousands of carriers across the nation to give you full reign when choosing the right vehicle for your load.

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Shipping temperature sensitive goods can be tricky. One slip up costs time and money. Our reefers are top-of-the-line, providing you with a foolproof temperature controlled carrier that utilizes the most dependable, high tech options.

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A crucial part of our business is making sure the customer leaves happy, no matter what. To ensure this, we aim to provide service that is professional and personable. At Atlantic Logistics, Where Shipping is a Pleasure!™, customer care starts the moment you call us with questions. We'll give you a free quote on services and help you find the best reefer for your needs.

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  • Around the clock load tracking
  • Brokerage insurance that meets all industry requirements
  • Continuous and proactive communication
  • Fully staffed carrier relations team
  • Multiple Quick Pay options available
  • Superior Freight Matching and Transportation Management Software
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