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Flatbed Services

Roughly 65% of our yearly shipments are accomplished via flatbed. We work with the best flatbed carriers throughout North America to handle all of your cargo needs.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

At Atlantic Logistics, Where Shipping is a Pleasure!™, we are proud to offer flatbed services that are thorough and efficient. As a 3PL that undertakes specialized loads frequently requiring a flatbed truck, rest assured our team's expertise is second to none. We are experts at this type of transportation.

You'll feel peace of mind when you meet our team orchestrating your shipment's details. Our carriers always put safety first and maintain contact 24/7 with the latest in load tracking technology.

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  • Access to nearly 15,000 loads of all types across the year
  • Variety of Quick Pay programs that meet any cash flow needs
  • Financially-secured, privately-held business in operation for nearly two decades
  • All equipment types needed, including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, LTL, and heavy-haul
  • Access to advanced technology for accepting and scheduling loads
  • Honest and Reputable Carrier Relations Staff
  • Brokerage insurance that meets all industry requirements
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