Atlantic Cares at The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary
Written By
James Crichlow
March 9, 2022

Atlantic Cares at The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary

Our Team Member Teresa recently spent some time helping out The Ark Wildlife Care and Sanctuary . “The Ark” is a wildlife rescue made up of local area citizens dedicated to saving animals (squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, opossums, deer, fox, bobcat, birds, etc.) whose lives are in jeopardy.

Here's her adventure in her own words:

While being a farm girl myself and the love I have for all animals, volunteering at the ARK was an opportunity I wanted to experience and share with others.

The sanctuary is filled with: a Raccoon, Squirrel house, an Alaskan Fox, Potter the Otter, a large tortoise, Hammy and Porkchop (Pigs that have become pets), deer that have been rescued to rehab, and a momma deer that have just had babies and will be released once healthy enough.

We'll be volunteering in the Spring, feeding the new babies and helping Jonathan and Mindy Howard however we can. There's always a need for volunteers, so please join us in this great experience and fun.

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