Atlantic Cares For Our Neighborhood
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James Crichlow
March 9, 2022

Atlantic Cares For Our Neighborhood

The past few months have been stressful on all of us. We can honestly say that the SARS-CoV-2 has stretched many of us to our limits. A generational pandemic like this one draws us to realize the things that are important to us as individuals and as community.

We've been extremely fortunate that we've been able to operate at full capacity since the spring, experiencing no service interruptions or downtime. Realizing that there are many others in our neighborhood working on the frontlines, we wanted to show our appreciation to them, as we all do our part to get through this difficult season together.

Memorial Emergency Center Mandarin

Atlantic Logistics Logistics Assistant Tali Hooper and Office Manager Jan Merson delivered pizzas to our neighborhood Memorial Hospital Emergency Room.

Right around the corner from our headquarters sits one of Memorial Hospital's freestanding emergency rooms. In keeping with our Atlantic Cares initiative, it only felt natural to deliver lunch to our frontline workers in in the neighborhood.

Given that philanthropy is a core tenet of our company culture, assembling a team for this specific task came all too easy. Logistics Assistant Tali Hooper found herself more than ready to jump in and lend a hand.

"The Atlantic Cares initiative is great for helping our community and showing the people we volunteer for that we really appreciate them even if they don't know it," said Hooper. She went on to describe how much she loves working in the family business and personifying that charitable spirit taught to her by her Grandparents and Parents. " Volunteering is important to Atlantic Logistics because it helps out community and shows how thankful we are for the people putting their lives at risk through this pandemic," Hooper continued. "Giving pizza to nurses, doctors, and firefighters shows them how much we appreciate what they do for us and everyone they are helping daily. "

Jan Merson also wanted her gratitude made known, "It was a pleasure to meet our neighbors from Memorial Emergency and drop off lunch," said Merson, "These hard working individuals do so much for the community, and we're so thankful for them."


As with the trip to Memorial Emergency Center Mandarin, heading over to our local fire station found no lack of volunteers. Jan Merson, Vikki Stark, and Rex Oliver made the necessary arrangements to head over to Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department Station 42 to drop off lunch. It goes without saying that Firefighters are revered throughout our city, but this specific station hold special regard to us as they helped out one of the Atlantic Logistics Family recently.

"I'd like to thank the first responders at Station 42, " said one of our team, "They really came through when i needed them most."

We appreciate operating in a neighborhood with such top notch people. We're also fortunate that they're our frontline workers and first responders.

About Atlantic Logistics

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