Batten Book Available On Audible
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James Crichlow
April 25, 2024

Batten Book Available On Audible

We sat down with Accounting Services Manager Darlene Batten to discuss the release of her novel The Prayer Warrior as an audiobook.

Your book was recently released on Audible. Tell us about it

My co-author Traci Wooden-Carlisle and I are extremely excited about it. The audiobook virtual launch party was actually in August. It’s been available on many other online bookstore platforms, while waiting for Audible to finalize their process. Friends, family and co-workers were anxiously awaiting to download the book on that particular platform.

We’re so grateful about our latest venture. Additionally, The Prayer Warrior  book is doing very well. Reviews are Fantastic! People are absolutely loving the book! It’s been expressed how the book is such a blessings to read! It’s Refreshing! Anointed! Many have grown from reading the book, and learned much from the main character Ms. V. as the prayer warrior. We’re finding the Christian Fantasy genre to be a great niche. More and more people have mentioned, hinted, wondered and inquired if we will write more books in this genre. The readers want to know.

Who read the book, who was the presenter?

Anita Faye Thomas! Yes! She's new to the industry, and was an absolute blessing to have crossed paths with her. She produced the project and completed the narration. She was trying to break into the industry, while we were in the process of auditioning narrators to produce our audiobook when coauthor Traci ran into her in California. Honestly, it was God’s timing.

What's next for you in 2023?

Since the readers want to know, Tracy and I are seriously considering the possibility of collaborating on another book project in the Christian Fantasy genre.  

As for myself, I have continued my fundraising efforts to seek funding for my featured screenplay entitled Second Chance. The funding may be in many forms, such as associated producers, executive producers, silent investors, product placement and more. I would also love to shoot a couple of music videos come 2023. That would be fun!

As always, I thank Atlantic Logistics for allowing me to share the progress of this incredible journey. Until the next time. Be Blessed.

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