Felecia Mallett and The Day of Service
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James Crichlow
August 19, 2022

Felecia Mallett and The Day of Service

The City Rescue Mission has a special place in Logistics Specialist Felecia Mallett's heart.

She's been involved with the organization for quite sometime now. Read how her experiences there have shaped her, here.

How did your volunteer work with City Rescue Mission start? How did you get involved and why?

My mother introduced me to giving at an early age, she would make Ziplock baggies up with sandwiches, toiletries, socks, and other essentials. She would also place 4 quarters in each bag. This was her signature. As I got older, I begin getting just as active but through my church who introduced us both to City Rescue Mission through there Cup of Love ministry. My mom would serve meals for their big Christmas event, we go to Winn Dixie every and they discount food items, and we would also donate clothing. I now had my own kids doing as my mom would do and they would pack the Ziplock baggies as well. We have done this now for many years on our own and in conjunction with the City Rescue Mission.

How often or how many times have you volunteered there and what activities do you do while there?

We donate regularly to our downtown neighbors, and we volunteer six times a year and we include our entire family for the Christmas event. We give out clothes and provide food.

What’s the most difficult part of volunteering there?

Meeting people who have similar stories who didn’t have a village around them to assist, single moms or disable veterans who have nobody. Also, people who have mental illnesses that do not have access to healthcare to balance their illness, so they remain homeless.

What’s the best part about it?

I love their smiles; I love the connection and the downtown neighbors feeling that people care.

What do you want people to know about City Rescue Mission or those that depend on it for assistance?

This is a powerful community that loves on the homeless in a way that I have never experienced. They go out there way to serve the less fortunate and they give all of themselves to people who have nothing. They know a lot of the homeless by name, so they are very personable. They are good people with great hearts.

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