Vice President (Retired) and Founder

Bob Hooper

In 2001, Bob Hooper co-founded Atlantic Logistics with his wife, Evie Hooper, in Jacksonville, FL. They moved their first load of freight by March 1 and within a year, grew that to more than 2,100 loads, generating $1.6M in sales revenue. Prior to co-founding Atlantic Logistics, Hooper worked as the Director of Logistics with Core Carriers for three years and held senior management positions with White Line Trucking and Arrow Trucking. He acquired most of his industry experience during a 35-year career with Ploof Truck Lines, where he worked as President.

Bob is also the father of Rob Hooper and Shelbie Mayland, Atlantic Logistics’ current CEO and Vice President, respectively. Rob Hooper joined the company in 2003 to assist in daily operations and the family effort helped the business grow in both revenue and its number of full-time employees. But in 2008, Bob Hooper fell ill and Rob took over as CEO of the company. Bob worked as valiantly and diligently as he could until he passed from illness in 2018.

At Atlantic Logistics, we do our best to honor the memory of our founder, Robert Hooper, Sr., ​through kindness and service.

We will carry him in our hearts – always.

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