Atlantic Logistics CEO Addresses Autonomous Vehicle Revolution
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February 3, 2020

Atlantic Logistics CEO Addresses Autonomous Vehicle Revolution

Robert Hooper, CEO of Atlantic Logistics, recently addressed a trade group of logistics and transportation practitioners before the Jacksonville, Florida Roundtable of Supply Chain Management Professionals.  His topic was the “Autonomous Vehicle Revolution.”

The development of self-driving, or autonomous, vehicles is accelerating.  This is in terms of both the cars that consumers will drive and the trucks that commercial carriers will use.  In his presentation, Hooper covered a number of initiatives that are ongoing today that will revolutionize the way people and products are moved.  While the crux of these advancements are being led by the desire for improved safety, the cost of accidents each year is staggering, sometimes representing as much as 15% of GNP.

To arrange an interview with Robert Hooper, please contact Russ Dixon at (904) 510-3897 or  russ@elvamarketing.


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