Larry Martin Retires
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James Crichlow
March 9, 2022

Larry Martin Retires

After six years overseeing financial operations, Larry Martin has retired from Atlantic Logistics.

"The company is growing and Rob has put into place a talented leadership team," Martin stated, "I expect great things!"

Martin joined the team in November 2014, to as he puts it, "to enjoy adult company as was spending too much time talking to the dog with the kids were in school."

Needless to say, the office was the better for it. Not only did the team benefit from Martin's oversight and business acumen, but his gregarious nature as well. Martin's quick wit made long days seem shorter, and his generosity of time made the days a bit brighter. He'll be deeply missed.

Martin, retired from the US Navy having served 21 years in a wide range of operational and staff assignments such as; airborne reconnaissance, information operations, political-military affairs, and manpower.  He took advantage of the GI Bill to take accounting related courses at FSCJ, as well as attending Northwestern University, Central Michigan University, and the Naval War College.  

Martin receives his farewell gift during his retirement party as Logistics Specialist Sean Gresham, left, looks on.

"It was a privilege to be a part of team of talented hard working men and women committed to serving it's customers and the drivers who move cargo across the country," Martin said. "Six years went by fast. Best wishes to all my friends."

We'd like to give our heartfelt thanks to Martin, as he was integral to the company's growth and success over the last few years.  

Enjoy retirement, Larry.

Fair Winds and Following Seas.

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