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Partial/ Less Than Load (LTL)

At Atlantic Logistics, Where Shipping is a Pleasure!™, we can handle all your partial or LTL needs, whether the freight needs to go in a van, reefer, or on a flatbed.

If your shipment is not time critical, by using shared equipment we can save you money. Flexibility on pick-up and delivery times is needed, but the savings can be great! Even if you are currently using a LTL carrier, we may be able to save you money with larger discounts with the same provider.

We specialize in flatbed partials as well. We move 16′ storage containers all throughout the country for various customers and other partial shipments on flatbed.

Shipping partial or less than truckload quantities has never been more convenient.

At Atlantic Logistics, Where Shipping is a Pleasure!™, customer care starts the moment you call us with questions. Get in touch for a free quote today.

  • Access to nearly 15,000 loads of all types across the year
  • Variety of Quick Pay programs that meet any cash flow needs
  • Financially-secured, privately-held business in operation more than 15 years
  • All equipment types needed, including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, LTL, and heavy-haul
  • Access to advanced technology for accepting and scheduling loads
  • Fully staffed carrier relations staff
  • Brokerage insurance that meets all industry requirements

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