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Intermodal Services

By combining different modes of transportation into one powerful supply chain, You save on fuel, time, and money.

Connecting You With The Right People

When it comes to freight, Intermodal Transportation reduces handling, shortens transportation times, improves security, limits damage and loss, and reduces cost. Our In-house team and our trusted network of partners are ready to provide cost-saving solutions. And with our tracking software, you'll know where your cargo is 24/7.

Your Supply Chain Deserves More

Why stick to one mode of transportation when you can have it all? It’s the smart way to ship inland, and with our extensive connections to major rail ramps, warehouses and ports across the country, you can trust Atlantic Logistics to be the expert team that can supplement all of your intermodal needs.

Success Starts With Gold-Star Customer Service

With more than two decades in the logistics industry, our track record for success comes from the relationships we share with our customers. It’s a partnership we hold sacred. You give us your business, and we give you the service you expect, hands down.

Atlantic Logistics,Where Shipping is a Pleasure!™, has everything you need for intermodal shipping, including a fleet of vehicles to accommodate all load sizes, from heavy haul to LTL. We are constantly updating our technology to ensure you get the most accurate and efficient load tracking. Plus, our team gives every shipment the full-attention it deserves until the job is 100% complete.

  • Access to nearly 15,000 loads of all types across the year
  • Variety of Quick Pay programs that meet any cash flow needs
  • Financially-secured, privately-held business in operation nearly 20 years
  • All equipment types including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, LTL, and heavy-haul
  • Access to advanced technology for accepting and scheduling loads
  • Honest and Reputable Carrier Relations Staff
  • Brokerage insurance that meets all industry requirements

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