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Intermodal Services

By combining different modes of transportation into one powerful supply chain, you save on fuel, time and money.

Connecting You With The Right People

Intermodal requires steadfast communication, adjustment and the ability to work together as a team. At Atlantic Logistics we pride ourselves on being able to offer a vast array of intermodal resources, with ties to an impressive network of professionals that hold integrity and expertise to the same standard as we do. 

Why should you choose our intermodal services over the competition? For one, it’s an area of logistics that we are specifically devoted to. What sets us apart as one of the leading logistics companies in the nation is that we have purposely chosen to focus on a few prime services. This allows us to offer even more knowledge, experience and commitment, instead of spreading ourselves thin and producing mediocre work. Quality brings success, and that’s what we strive for every single day.

Your Supply Chain Deserves More

Why stick to one mode of transportation when you can have it all? It’s the smart way to ship inland, and with our extensive connections to major rail ramps, warehouses and ports across the country, you can trust Atlantic Logistics to be the expert team that can supplement all of your intermodal needs.

Success Starts With Gold-Star Customer Service

With more than two decades in the logistics industry, our track record for success comes from the relationships we share with our customers. It’s a partnership we hold sacred. You give us your business, and we give you the service you expect, hands down.

Atlantic Logistics has everything you need for intermodal shipping, including a fleet of vehicles to accommodate all load sizes, from heavy haul to LTL. We are constantly updating our technology to ensure you get the most accurate and efficient load tracking. Plus, our team gives every shipment the full-attention it deserves until the job is 100% complete.

  • Access to nearly 15,000 loads of all types across the year
  • Variety of Quick Pay programs that meet any cash flow needs
  • Financially-secured, privately-held business in operation nearly 20 years
  • All equipment types including dry vans, reefers, flatbeds, LTL, and heavy-haul
  • Access to advanced technology for accepting and scheduling loads
  • Honest and Reputable Carrier Relations Staff
  • Brokerage insurance that meets all industry requirements

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How long have you been in business?

Bob and Evie Hooper founded the company in 2001. Bob Hooper had several decades of experience in the trucking industry and Evie Hooper wanted to start their own venture.

How do I set up an account?

Please reach out to one of our dispatchers, and they will set up the account, run credit applications, etc. You will be assigned a team to manage to your freight and have one principal point of contact for all your needs. You will have an individual email address that will go to your team members, e.g., We have coverage if your principal Logistics Specialist is out. 

What are your core values?

Our Commitment to Customer and Carrier Service is First and Foremost. There is no avenue we won't explore to ensure the best possible experience to our Customers and Carriers. Being a middleman requires that we provide an exceptional experience to our customers or our carriers. We are a service company that moves freight and without our customers or carriers we cannot be successful.

Our Commitment to our Community is Strong through our Atlantic Cares Initiative. It is ingrained in our Culture to serve where and how we can, as it is said, "To whom much is given, much is required." We have been very fortunate and feel it paramount to share our blessings. We provide all our employees one paid volunteer day off per year. We also participate in fundraising opportunities and charitable organizations. We have much room to grow and hope that as we expand we will be able to dedicate more resources to Giving Back to our Communities.

Our Expertise in the Logistics Industry is extensive. Led by our CEO that holds a Economics, and with a team boasting many decades of experience in Transportation and Logistics, Our Commitment to being industry leaders continually drives us toward Organizational and Operational Excellence  

Our Commitment to Each Other is Total. We are focused on helping each other both in and out of the office.  We may be a diverse group, but we will always operate like family.

Who is your CEO and or owner and is he or she active in the business?

Robert Hooper, Ph.D. joined the company in 2003 and learned all facets of the operations. He took the helm from his father Bob in 2008.

Why should I choose to work with you?

We’re a family-owned company that hold our customer relationships in the highest regard. We will ensure that every customer will be treated with honesty, integrity, and compassion. We operate following the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

What are your specialties and areas of focus?

Serving a wide variety of customers requires variety of solutions utilizing a diverse set of equipment and capabilities such as:

Dry Van






Overweight/Over Dimensional


Power Only





High Value

Are you a 24/7 operation?

Not fully, but we do have a night team available to monitor operations as needed.

Are you Asset Based?

No. While we are non-asset, we have relationships and contracts with over 15,000 carriers which gives you access to a tremendous fleet.

Will our data remain private?

We do not and will not distribute your information to any third party.

Whom should I contact if I have a question about an invoice I’ve received?

Who do I contact about billing questions?


Dimaris Peña:

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