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Warehousing Services

Atlantic Logistics offers Pick and Pack, Transloading and Cross Docking solutions. We handle Consolidation Projects, Special Projects and Oversized Dimensions. Our additional services include providing forklift equipment, including roll clamps and extended forks, as well as furnishing bonded and nonbonded storage secured by surveillance 24/7.

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We put our nationwide network of full-service warehouses to work to manage all your storage and supply chain needs. At Atlantic Logistics, Where Shipping is a Pleasure!™, the team is available around the clock, so reach out today for a free quote on our warehousing services.

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  • Brokerage insurance that meets all industry requirements
  • Constantly updating our freight matching and load tracking technology
  • Financially-secured, privately-held business in operation more than 20 years
  • Fully staffed carrier relations team
  • Variety of Quick Pay programs that meet any cash flow needs
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